Five Important Qualities of a Rockstar Business Assistant


Successful businesses know that it is important to delegate tasks. This is why they value their personnel, especially the business or administrative assistant. The assistant’s general responsibility is to perform daily tasks in the most efficient manner possible. This may sound simple, but a good business assistant has to have several characteristics to make him stand out.

1. Excellent Communication Skills

Whether a business assistant works in a virtual or physical office, it is important for him to have excellent communication skills. One of his tasks is to talk to clients, as well as with possible partners. He should be able to express himself comfortably and efficiently to generate the needed response. Likewise, an excellent communicator knows what he is talking about, so he takes the time to study a proposal or an issue before discussing.

2. Detailed and Well-Organized

Daily tasks are important because they are what keep a company in the balance. Therefore, a good business assistant has to be detailed and well-organized, so no work is left undone. A business assistant has to pay attention to even the littlest detail of a task, a project, or an issue.

3. A Good Listener

An effective business assistant knows that listening is an essential skill if the goal is to complete tasks efficiently. He knows how a good listener can help come up with practical solutions for day-to-day business problems and challenges.

4. Respect the Boss and His Colleagues

A good business assistant is respectful, not only towards his boss but also to his co-workers. A respectful individual can achieve more even when under stress or when faced with a difficult situation. He values his boss, his colleagues, the company he works for, and himself.

5. Hungry for Knowledge

Finally, a good and efficient business assistant is someone who is always hungry for knowledge. He is someone who wants to keep learning. He is someone who believes that success is about a person’s capacity for growth and improvement.