Ever heard of virtual assistance services? Virtual assistants are individuals who perform various tasks for a company, group, or any client remotely, specifically by using the Internet. Tasks are completed via electronic mail, or instant messaging apps like Skype and Viber, and other tools found online.

This is similar to what IAAP Vancouver offers. We are a group composed of highly trained professional business assistants. Our specialty is providing top notch administrative work. We can make things easier for you by performing daily tasks like reading, answering, and sending emails; entering data into a program or file; receiving and answering queries; research; and typing documents/preparing presentations.


Our business assistants are trained to use the electronic mail for any administrative requirement. Tasks like reading and replying to emails, as well as sending out well-structured emails, are the services we offer. We can also offer assistance in case you need to create marketing lists and the like.

Data Entry

IAAP Vancouver assistants are also adept at entering data into programs like spreadsheets or tables. We believe that it is not enough to just type and enter data, it is also important to understand them and determine their value. This allows our assistants to perform efficiently.

Receiving and Answering Queries

Sometimes, because you’re too busy doing other relevant tasks, you neglect to read and answer queries sent through email. For a company to establish a good relationship with its client, good communication is essential. So instead of continuing to neglect your customers’ queries, allow us to help you by providing you business assistants who are trained to answer questions and communicate with customers properly.


IAAP Vancouver business assistants are passionate researchers. They love discovering and learning about new things. As such, you can count on us whenever you need comprehensive research work done, especially those about your marketing needs.

Word Processing Tasks

IAAP Vancouver business assistants are well-trained in Word Processing. Whatever documents and typing tasks you need, we can do them for you.

For all these administrative tasks, we guarantee you a fast turnaround time. That is our promise to you. That is how professional and well-trained our business assistants are.