bathroom reno tips

Bathroom Renovations Advice From A Realtor

Yes certainly some individuals may possibly simply look at your bathroom as simply a bathroom, then again to you…it’s your paradise. However lately there’s just one particular concern, the bathroom isn’t really feeling as “distinctive” as it was actually supposed to. Looks like it’s time to renovate!

Ellen Hart is a top Round Top realtor in Texas who focuses exclusively on large ranches and farms featuring often older homes requiring renovations. With a background in interior design, Ellen would like to share her thoughts on bathroom renovations.

Taking on this type of a large task may frighten you but you see it really is not that challenging. Let me show you six tricks to make it smoother.

Figure Out Your Budget

Whether it is large or little, you must continuously verify you’ll have adequate funds before starting on any bathroom remodeling project. The common bath room renovation costs around $10,000, whilst more pricey renos have price tags of a lot more than $23,000. Suggestion…see to it you’ve allocated enough to deal with the project at hand.

Heads up! If you plan on moving in the forseeable future you will probably wish to hold off on shelling out a ton of cash on renovations. On the other hand however if it helps improve the value of place you really need to think about this as well. In many cases buyers of real-estate look at two areas more particularly as compared to others – the kitchen and yes you got it…the bath rooms.

Assigning Your Budget

newly renovatedA frequently overlooked aspect though is – it’s one thing to have a budget although another thing to itemize it. By doing this you know where exactly every dollar will go with clarity. No unexpected situations. Some would agree that its a safe bet that a third of your spending budget will most certainly go toward labor.

Then, feel free to ascertain what you must keep and what you’ll be able to slice if money is limited. Think first if you actually will need that jacuzzi tub or if you need to on the other hand tile the floor.

Search Hard for Inspiration

An average of 50 percent of men and women need between 10 and 30 minutes to get ready in the morning. Really, you do not want to build a new bath room that isn’t optimal—you invest a lot of time in there.

Now you’ve got to get out on the net and look around on design web sites, forums and other social websites relating to home design and find something, or parts, that you appreciate. However don’t go over the top thinking you are going to reproduce the Taj Mahal here. Limit yourself to ideas that fit within your budget.

Think Ahead And Be Prepared!

Think before you take action! says Tallahassee realtor Suzanne McGhee who specializes in custom homes for sale in Tallahassee.

Just think of it. Whether your bath room remodeling calls for you to pretty much strip the room down to practically nothing rendering it unusable…where will you go in the midterm? Planning ahead for the “out of service” sign being on your bath room, it’s good to sit with your family and go over the interim plan for the bath room while remodellings are in process.

This may be where/when having a 2nd bathroom comes in handy. If not then it is time to either hit up a neighbor or stay with family for the duration of the downtime. Then again there’s always the alternative way to go if that’s a bit much for you to hit up next-door neighbors and family members, just rent a portable toilet and drop that on your property in the midterm. We can’t think of it all but at the minimum be sure to put together a bathroom Plan B ready.

Come Up With the Funding

If there exists a single thorn for many property renovators is the unanticipated expenditures you may not have thought about. This is why it is recommended to plan for extra expenditures in your budget. Borrowing money to complete your bathroom makeover is an alternative choice regarding financing your venture. Nonetheless what you should give consideration to is, if you wish to get financing you will have to give a thorough explanation of where and how the funding will be used.

However, a loan isn’t your sole option in terms of paying for your work. A few of those different options could very well include getting a mortgage or collateral loan. Or possibly even looking at your savings. In either case, know what you will must pay for every thing and use that to ascertain where you’ll get the funds.

Stay Persistent

You really should check back in with your first plan and budget to stick with it all spanning the project given it can be quick to derail. Follow your original budget/plan and you’ll be well on your way to a successful bathroom redesign.Clearly if you veer off course the task will not only take longer but also spending will climb and result in pointless anxiety. However if you follow the earlier plan/budget then the overall job can proceed without issue. At the end of it all you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your well orchestrated and executed bath room reno by making the most of your new haven.

What Advantages Do Administrative Assistants Offer to Real Estate Agents?


If you work as a Kelowna real estate agent, you know how time-demanding it can be. There are instances when you need to handle multiple appointments in just one day. This is one of the major reasons why you often forget to take care of administrative responsibilities like answering emails, handling inquiries, and coordinating with or updating customers. For this and many reasons more, you need to hire an administrative assistant. Here are some advantages these assistants can offer you once you hire one.

Keep Track of Your Daily Activities


Sometimes, especially when you have multiple appointments, you tend to veer off your schedule and fail to attend to some appointments. With an administrative assistant, you won’t have to worry about this anymore because he can keep track of your daily activities and remind you of them regularly.

Communicate With Clients, Handle Inquiries, and Provide Information


Real estate agents value their customers, but there are times when work is too much, and the pressure can drive you crazy. These are the times when you tend to neglect your clients, and this will not do good for you. If the goal is to create a strong relationship with your customers, hire an administrative assistant who can do follow-up communication for them. Your assistant will be the one to update them about new developments and other relevant information. Likewise, an administrative assistant will help you handle inquiries and handle correspondence. Give him with the details or information he needs and he’ll do the work for you.

An Administrative Assistant Can Perform Clerical Tasks


Clerical tasks often get in the way of real estate agents. Some find this a frustrating situation because instead of going out to meet clients and do actual selling, you are stuck in the office working on files and other clerical items. To solve this problem, you need a good administrative assistant. He can perform all the administrative tasks that need to be completed: reading and sending out emails, answering correspondence, printing materials, facilitate bank transactions, organize files, and monitor office supplies, among others.