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Steps to Follow While Hiring Your First Assistant

The key to expanding a business successfully is outsourcing and delegating your work.

Let me tell you loud and clear that if you think you can make it to the top all on your own, you’re lying to yourself. You may even do it in the most ideal of scenarios but then you won’t have any social life at all.


The case with all big entrepreneurs and business developers is that they learn to adapt as the business grows. Gathering a good team around you is as important as anything else.

Having a good team can lay off the burden from your shoulders and divide it amongst them. If you can’t afford a whole team, start off with an assistant and that should show you the results. Dividing tasks among to people allows more room for improvement and success.

If you’ve reached a place in your business where the need of an assistant has become eminent, read these few tips before you start the hiring process.

Hire someone for a few hours a week. 

Before you hire someone in a permanent role, try them out by offering them a part-time contract. This shall allow the candidate to work a few hours every week in which he can display his abilities.

This has two benefits: The first one is that it would tell you how efficient the person is. Productive people can achieve more in lesser time. Second, if you think the candidate is not a right fit for the job, you’ll have the liberty to end the contract after the tenure ends.

Start with a personality test.

Every person looks for a specific set of personalities in his coworkers.

There are personalities who are more compatible with your behavior and can enhance the productivity of the workplace.

There is also a set of personalities that everyone finds repulsive for them.

Therefore, always start the hiring process with a personality test.

Don’t walk on eggshells during the trial period.

You don’t have to be overly nice to the candidate during the probation period. Try to be yourself or even a little harsh. So that the person only focuses on his work and shows clear results.

Being too comfortable with superiors is not a trait many workplaces admire.

Don’t sugarcoat your communication and stay to the point while you interact with them.

Increase their obligation.

If you find the qualities you were looking for in the individual, increase the burden on them. Make sure you keep the workload under a certain threshold.

Give them more responsibilities and see how they handle them. Allow the candidate to function in each role for a few weeks before offering them a permanent position.

What Advantages Do Administrative Assistants Offer to Real Estate Agents?


If you work as a Kelowna real estate agent, you know how time-demanding it can be. There are instances when you need to handle multiple appointments in just one day. This is one of the major reasons why you often forget to take care of administrative responsibilities like answering emails, handling inquiries, and coordinating with or updating customers. For this and many reasons more, you need to hire an administrative assistant. Here are some advantages these assistants can offer you once you hire one.

Keep Track of Your Daily Activities


Sometimes, especially when you have multiple appointments, you tend to veer off your schedule and fail to attend to some appointments. With an administrative assistant, you won’t have to worry about this anymore because he can keep track of your daily activities and remind you of them regularly.

Communicate With Clients, Handle Inquiries, and Provide Information


Real estate agents value their customers, but there are times when work is too much, and the pressure can drive you crazy. These are the times when you tend to neglect your clients, and this will not do good for you. If the goal is to create a strong relationship with your customers, hire an administrative assistant who can do follow-up communication for them. Your assistant will be the one to update them about new developments and other relevant information. Likewise, an administrative assistant will help you handle inquiries and handle correspondence. Give him with the details or information he needs and he’ll do the work for you.

An Administrative Assistant Can Perform Clerical Tasks


Clerical tasks often get in the way of real estate agents. Some find this a frustrating situation because instead of going out to meet clients and do actual selling, you are stuck in the office working on files and other clerical items. To solve this problem, you need a good administrative assistant. He can perform all the administrative tasks that need to be completed: reading and sending out emails, answering correspondence, printing materials, facilitate bank transactions, organize files, and monitor office supplies, among others.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?


Small business owners know that to succeed, they need to have the right personnel. Most of the time, however, they decide to do everything (or almost everything) themselves. As a result, some tasks are taken for granted. Other small business owners prefer to be on their own because they cannot afford to hire a full staff for their company. This is why virtual assistants were born. Here are undeniable reasons why you need to get a virtual assistant for your small business.

Virtual Assistants Can Perform All the Tasks You Often Neglect Because of Lack of Time

As mentioned earlier, business owners who do everything themselves often end up neglecting some of their responsibilities. A possible reason is they don’t have enough time or they simply forget about them. This is what virtual assistants can bring to the table. They can perform all these neglected tasks so you won’t have to worry anymore about them. And since they are well-trained, you are guaranteed to get good results.

It’s Practical, Particularly in Terms of Office Space, Agency Fees, and Overtime Pay

Virtual assistants work online. Therefore, you do not have to spend on adding an extra area in your office. Likewise, you won’t have to worry about paying agency fees or their taxes. Some of them work on a freelance/part time basis. In addition to this, virtual assistants work on their own time, so you don’t have to pay them for overtime work if they work late at night.

You Can Train Them Without Spending Money

Training virtual assistants is easy. The training is usually done using Skype or any other chat app or program. As such, you won’t have to shell out money for venue rental and printing expenses, among others.

Virtual Assistants are On-Call

If you need something done on the weekend, your virtual assistant can perform this for you. Most virtual assistants are open to working on weekends, so you won’t have to worry if emergency tasks fall on your lap. Best of all, since they will bill you only for the total hours they worked, you’ll be able to save on extra expenses. Says successful real estate agent Annette Denk.

Five Important Qualities of a Rockstar Business Assistant


Successful businesses know that it is important to delegate tasks. This is why they value their personnel, especially the business or administrative assistant. The assistant’s general responsibility is to perform daily tasks in the most efficient manner possible. This may sound simple, but a good business assistant has to have several characteristics to make him stand out.

1. Excellent Communication Skills

Whether a business assistant works in a virtual or physical office, it is important for him to have excellent communication skills. One of his tasks is to talk to clients, as well as with possible partners. He should be able to express himself comfortably and efficiently to generate the needed response. Likewise, an excellent communicator knows what he is talking about, so he takes the time to study a proposal or an issue before discussing.

2. Detailed and Well-Organized

Daily tasks are important because they are what keep a company in the balance. Therefore, a good business assistant has to be detailed and well-organized, so no work is left undone. A business assistant has to pay attention to even the littlest detail of a task, a project, or an issue.

3. A Good Listener

An effective business assistant knows that listening is an essential skill if the goal is to complete tasks efficiently. He knows how a good listener can help come up with practical solutions for day-to-day business problems and challenges.

4. Respect the Boss and His Colleagues

A good business assistant is respectful, not only towards his boss but also to his co-workers. A respectful individual can achieve more even when under stress or when faced with a difficult situation. He values his boss, his colleagues, the company he works for, and himself.

5. Hungry for Knowledge

Finally, a good and efficient business assistant is someone who is always hungry for knowledge. He is someone who wants to keep learning. He is someone who believes that success is about a person’s capacity for growth and improvement.